Japan Artist: Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa or commonly known as Miyabi is a Japanese artist who is quite famous. Maria Ozawa / Miyabi was born on January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido Japan and is a mixed-race between Japan (Mother) and French Canadian (Dad).

Maria Ozawa / Miyabi is a Japanese adult film actress who is very popular almost all over the world. Not only beautiful, Maria Ozawa / Miyabi also has an almost perfect posture. Not surprisingly, in 2005, Maria Ozawa / Miyabi believed to play an adult movie site Shirouto-Teien and won numerous awards in the industry.

In addition to starring in many adult films, Maria Ozawa / Miyabi has also appeared in films V-Cinema, books, videos and some glamor. Maria Ozawa also frequently appeared on several TV stations and has appeared on MTV Japan.

Maria Ozawa / Miyabi states that interest in the industry remains high. Even now, he lives in a luxury apartment worth $ 1,682 and earn a minimum of $ 8,000 per month. But he said that his friends did not follow that path as her adult film industry and determined will quit the industry someday.

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